Strong Cities, Great State campaign

The Strong Cities, Great State campaign is all about empowering city leaders to act locally to achieve greater results in Olympia. Effective advocacy starts at home because you are the connection between your legislators and your community. AWC developed the tools below to help you become a more effective local advocate for city issues and to show you how to work well with local legislators in Olympia. When cities are strong, the state is strong. Strong Cities, Great State.


Strong Cities Pocket Guide

This Strong Cities Pocket Guide provides information on how to engage with your legislators, local media, and community to secure a strong city-state partnership and increase positive legislative outcomes for cities.


Top ten steps to take for a successful legislative session

Engage your legislators on important city issues during legislative session and the interim. Need ideas? See this handy top ten list. Better yet, print it and refer to it often.


City Action Days

There’s no better way to engage legislators and state agency personnel than at City Action Days. This popular two-day conference is held each winter in Olympia.


How to work with the media

Develop a relationship with your local media. This is a great opportunity to educate community members about what your city needs. This will help spur action and hold legislators accountable.


Congratulations 2017 City Champion Award winners!

Our fourth annual City Champion Awards acknowledge the hard work and dedication of legislators who championed critical city issues during the 2017 legislative session.


How to talk to your legislators

As a local elected or appointed official, it’s part of your job to communicate with legislators – and they need to hear from you. Find out who your legislators are and how to engage them.


Develop and communicate your city’s legislative agenda

Many cities across Washington have seen positive legislative outcomes by developing a city legislative agenda and working with their local media. See who they are and get ideas of your own.

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