Published on May 20, 2019

Key public safety and cannabis issues addressed this session

Contact: Sharon Swanson, Shannon McClelland

The 2019 Legislature addressed several city-related public safety policy issues during the 2019 session, including the use of deadly force by law enforcement, additional funding for the Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA), and establishing requirements for the removal of firearms during a domestic violence incident.

During the past few sessions, the Legislature has considered amending the law that provides protection for a law enforcement officer’s use of deadly force. An initiative to the Legislature last session, Initiative 940 (I-940), proposed changes to the deadly force law. I-940 also proposed new training requirements and created a duty for law enforcement officers to provide first aid. After significant negotiations with proponents of the Initiative, the Legislature amended then passed I-940—violating the state constitution. I-940 went to the ballot last November without those amendments, and voters approved it. In the opening days of the 2019 Legislative session, legislators passed HB 1064 to amend the new deadly force law as passed by the voters. The bill passed both chambers unanimously and took effect on February 4, 2019.

One of AWC’s priorities was increased funding for BLEA, the training that all new law enforcement officers in the state must complete. The operating budget appropriated funding for a total of nineteen BLEA classes annually, and also included seven Corrections Officer Academy classes in the first budget year, and six classes in the second.

Domestic violence and firearms were passionately debated this session. HB 1225 passed the Legislature and addressed firearms removal during a domestic violence call. The bill creates a uniform standard for police officers to remove firearms when responding to a domestic violence call. A firearm seized under these circumstances may not be returned sooner than five business days.

Also this session, the Legislature appropriated $10.4 million dollars to address a backlog of nearly 10,000 untested rape kits. Currently, the state crime lab receives 250 new kits every month, but only has capacity to test 213. The appropriation is aimed at hiring additional staff and resolving this backlog over the next two years.

On the cannabis front, arguably the most significant legislation adopted occurred with the passage of SB 5605. Seven years after Washington voters legalized marijuana possession, the Legislature approved SB 5605 to allow persons with prior convictions of misdemeanor marijuana possession to apply to the sentencing court for a vacation of their conviction record. The applicant must have been at least 21 years old at the time of the offense. The court must vacate the applicant’s conviction record. Once the court vacates a record of conviction, the person is released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the conviction, and that conviction is not included in the person's criminal history for purposes of determining a sentence in any subsequent conviction. Thus, for all purposes, including employment applications and housing applications, a person whose conviction has been vacated may state that they have never been convicted of that crime.

City priorities – Outcomes

PRO – Funded 19 Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA) classes per year, as requested. In addition, funded seven Corrections Officer Academy classes in the first year of the biennium and six in the second year.

CON – Failed to pass a proposal to reduce the maximum BLEA wait time from six months to two months (HB 1253/SB 5944).

Public safety & criminal justice bills

Bill #



HB 1055

No-contact order/arrest

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1149

Sexual assault protection order

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1166

Sexual assault

Law; effective April 23, 2019 (many different effective dates)

HB 1225

Domestic violence calls and removal of firearms

Delivered to Governor. Effective July 28, 2019

HB 1252

Business entities/crime

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1350

Temporary protection order

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1382

Emergency aid/prostitution

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1517

Changes to domestic violence statutes

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1713

Missing and murdered Native American women

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1732

Hate crimes

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1764

Found property

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1767

Law enforcement grant program for diversion alternatives

Delivered to Governor. Effective July 28, 2019

HB 1786

Protection, no-contact, and restraining orders

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1919

Animal abuse

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 5017

Uniform unsworn declarations

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5027

Extreme risk protection orders

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5083

Indian tribe record admissibility

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5272

911 max tax rate

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5284

Requires property sellers to install smoke alarm devices

Delivered to Governor. Many effective dates.

SB 5461

Child sexual abuse investigations

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5514

First responder notification for school threats

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5649

Sexual assault/ SOLs

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5652

Impounded vehicle belongings

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5670

Fire district powers

Law; effective July 28, 2019

SB 5714

Evidence reliability re: witnesses and informants

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1086

Public defense funding

Did not pass

HB 1152

Motorcycle profiling

Did not pass

HB 1169

Fire jurisdiction reimbursement

Did not pass

HB 1458

Municipal police districts

Did not pass

HB 1504

Impaired driving

Did not pass

HB 1872

Child sex exploitation/subpoenas

Did not pass

HB 1929

Animal fighting paraphernalia

Did not pass

HB 2129

Cyber harassment and stalking

Did not pass

SB 5098

Public defense funding

Did not pass

SB 5141

School resource officers

Did not pass

SB 5286

Impaired driving

Did not pass

SB 5529

License plate recognition systems

Did not pass

SB 5575

Traffic LFO consolidation

Did not pass

SB 5944

BLEA training timeline

Did not pass

Cannabis bills

Bill #



HB 1792

Marijuana retailer penalties

Delivered to Governor. Effective July 28, 2019

SB 5605

Vacating marijuana misdemeanors

Law; effective July 28, 2019

HB 1003

Cannabis business siting

Did not pass

HB 1131

Cannabis recreational home grow

Did not pass

HB 1358

Cannabis retail delivery

Did not pass

HB 1466

Cannabis billboards

Did not pass

HB 1500

Marijuana misdemeanors

Did not pass

HB 1626

Liquor & Cannabis Board enforcement authority

Did not pass

SB 5155

Cannabis retail delivery

Did not pass

SB 5599

Municipal cannabis retail

Did not pass

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  • Cannabis
  • Public safety & criminal justice
  • Advocacy


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  • Celebrating our 2019 City Champions and kicking off 2020

  • National League of Cities releases Micromobility Guide

  • Statewide initiatives and referenda update

  • “Keep Washington Working” bill signed into law; amends policy for when law enforcement can provide information to federal immigration authorities

  • Law enforcement training rulemaking adopted

  • Governor’s Smart Communities Award winners announced

  • L&I proposes new overtime rule

  • JLARC public records reporting now open

  • HB 1087 establishes new, long-term care insurance program funded by employee premiums

  • I-1000 to take effect July 28 – no mandates for local government

  • DRS announces new employer pension contribution rates

  • PFML premium remittance and reporting begins July 1

  • B&O tax surcharge on services

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  • Key public safety and cannabis issues addressed this session

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  • Graduated REET and state service B&O tax bills pass as part of state operating budget revenue package

  • Late-breaking MTCA bill a big win for cities, but it is not without risk

  • AWC priority housing bill passes during budget negotiations

  • Final status of recycling-related bills

  • Affirmative action initiative passed by Legislature, will become law

  • New law requires a searchable database of land use decisions

  • Legislature passed bills heard by Finance Committee on Friday

  • AWC’s public records reporting fix bill passes Legislature

  • May 15 is the deadline for submitting 2018 lodging tax reports

  • Legislature passes Governor’s broadband bill

  • Sunshine Committee recommendation bill passes Legislature

  • State passes transportation budget over weekend, heads to Governor

  • Amended public works bid limit bill passes Legislature

  • SR-167, I-405 tolling and bonding bill passes Legislature

  • First-responder occupational disease compromise bill signed by Governor

  • AWC requests veto on $300 million LEOFF 2 transfer bill

  • Bill proposing new requirements for state-paid stormwater fees passes Legislature

  • Firefighters’ pension levy bill passes with modifications

  • Paint stewardship bill returns from the dead, passes Legislature

  • Last minute fix made in key density bill

  • Opioid treatment bill advances to Governor for signature

  • Trueblood settlement bill unanimously passes Legislature

  • Hate crimes bill passes Legislature

  • Legislature passes bill related to informant and eyewitness evidence

  • Animal fighting bill delivered to Governor

  • Final week of session is here!

  • Data tool explores Transportation Benefit District revenues threatened by I-976

  • Trueblood bill passes House

  • Tax bills related to operating budget move out of committees

  • Senate refuses to concur on changes to firefighters’ pension levy bill

  • $300 million LEOFF 2 transfer bill advances to the Senate

  • City pavement data reporting reform bill signed into law

  • Firefighter safety best practices bill signed into law

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  • Union dues bill passes Legislature

  • Robot delivery device bill passes Legislature

  • Motorized foot scooter bill passes Legislature

  • Affirmative action initiative gets joint hearing in the Legislature

  • House amends and passes public works bid limit bill

  • Bill establishing new law enforcement grant program passes Senate

  • Behavioral health community facilities bill passes House

  • New legal framework for short-term rentals passes the Legislature

  • Self-help housing bill passes House without REET exemption

  • Pollinator habitat protection bill passes Legislature

  • Parks deannexation bill passes Legislature

  • House passes Governor’s broadband bill

  • City support needed to keep AWC’s public records bill alive

  • Opioid treatment bill passes House

  • Voluntary site cleanup for housing bill passes Legislature

  • Drug Take-Back Program rules released for comment

  • Chemical Action Plan bill passes Legislature

  • Amended version of 911 local tax option bill passes House

  • Smoke alarm bill passes House

  • Domestic violence reform bill passes Legislature

  • Firearm removal and protection orders bill passes Legislature

  • House amends and passes bill dealing with property in impounded vehicles

  • Legislature passes marijuana convictions vacations bill

  • Wrongful death bill passes Legislature

  • Final cutoff looms while budget negotiations are ongoing

  • Help needed to pass public works bid limit bill

  • Opportunity to join coalition letter of support for AWC priority housing bill

  • Key density bill passes Senate and retains local authority

  • Action needed to support MTCA reforms

  • Bill changing firefighters’ pension levy spending options passes House

  • Affordable housing development by religious organizations bill amended

  • Trueblood bill advances in House

  • Bill sets new state goal for food waste reduction

  • Broadband access gains momentum in both Washingtons

  • House committee moves public records availability bill

  • Opioid treatment bill advances in House

  • Bill establishing new law enforcement grant program advances

  • Delivery robot bill passes Senate

  • Senate amends and passes union dues bill

  • First-responder occupational disease compromise bill passes Senate

  • Tiny house communities bill passes Legislature

  • Priority REET bill passes Legislature

  • Self-help housing companion bills diverge

  • Department of Revenue Partnership meetings

  • Bill addressing impaired driving amended in Senate

  • 2018 lodging tax report deadline approaching

  • On-site sewage systems bill passes Legislature

  • B&O tax annual filer and apportionment bills pass

  • House B&O surcharge proposal potential impacts on city utilities

  • Bill addressing sexual assault kits passes the Legislature

  • Three budget messages to deliver to legislators

  • The home stretch – three weeks left to make an impact

  • Public works bid limit bill amendments impact small works roster

  • Bill to increase local option tax to fund 911 services

  • Status of recycling and plastics reduction bills

  • Wrongful death bill advances

  • House PERS 1 COLA bill moves out of fiscal committee

  • First-responder occupational disease bill passes committee

  • State Treasurer introduces new online directory of state grant and loan programs

  • Save the date: Public Records Act University

  • Broadband bills divert PWTF dollars

  • Transportation budgets pass both chambers, head to negotiations

  • Marijuana convictions vacations bill amended in the House

  • Tiny house communities bill amended to allow student builders

  • Ecology requests timely changes to drought response

  • Lone condo liability reform bill retains key elements after passing House

  • Transparency of local utility taxes bill in House Rules Committee

  • B&O apportionment bill in Rules Committee

  • Annual B&O tax filing deadline bill awaiting further action in Senate Rules Committee

  • Hearing on new tax bills for Senate operating budget

  • Budgets, budgets, budgets

  • Senate proposed budgets released & House-proposed budget floor action

  • Senate budget proposal includes restructuring MTCA

  • House and Senate transportation budget proposals released last week

  • House and Senate use PWTF dollars to support broadband efforts

  • AWC’s economic priority bill scheduled for Ways & Means hearing

  • House delivery robot bill scheduled for Senate hearing

  • $300 million LEOFF 2 transfer bills scheduled for executive action

  • House Transportation Committee to hear bill on state aviation coordination commission

  • Bill updates multidisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations

  • Housing issues come into focus in the home stretch

  • Bill makes changes to hate crimes and creates a workgroup

  • Bill aims to standardize firearm removal associated with protection orders

  • Bill defines and establishes requirements for school resource officers

  • Bill addresses personal belongings in impounded vehicles

  • Hearing scheduled for bills implementing new House budget taxes & extending tax structure study

  • House–proposed budgets released

  • House releases proposed budgets this week

  • Mobile home park home siting bill improves out of the House

  • Public works bid limit bill moves to House for public hearing

  • Public contracting “piggybacking” bill moves to house for hearing

  • Design-build bidding bill scheduled for Senate committee hearing

  • Facial recognition and data privacy bill heard in House

  • Public disclosure exemption bill heard in Senate last week

  • Cities’ economic development bill needs your help

  • Property tax cap bill introduced but not yet heard

  • Annual B&O tax filing deadline bill advances

  • B&O apportionment bill scheduled to move out of committee

  • Industrial insurance claim confidentiality bill moves to Senate for public hearing

  • Bill prohibiting employers from seeking salary history scheduled for Senate hearing

  • Emergency work zone bill scheduled in Senate Transportation Committee

  • First-responder occupational disease bill scheduled for hearing

  • Plastic bag ban and stewardship bills on the move in the House

  • Bill to count inmates and custodial patients for redistricting purposes

  • Bill addressing cyber crimes will be heard in Senate

  • Grandfathering ADU bill will be heard in the House

  • Bill allows tribal documents to be automatically admissible in court

  • Bill to address law enforcement coordinated response to missing Native American women

  • Record number of bills introduced and budget release expected next week

  • Bump stock buy-back program bill passes and goes into effect immediately

  • Bill proposes changes to firefighters’ pension levy

  • Changes to State Auditor reporting requirements

  • Motorized scooter bill passes House and gets scheduled for Senate public hearing

  • AWC-supported pavement data reporting bill set for Senate hearing

  • New LEOFF 2 pension bills introduced

  • Bill proposing new requirement on state paid stormwater fees scheduled for House hearing

  • First-responder occupational disease compromise bill set for Senate hearing

  • First quarter PFML payment and reporting changed to July 31

  • Sunshine Committee bill scheduled for Senate public hearing

  • AWC’s public records reporting improvement bill scheduled for Senate hearing

  • Bill that would eliminate advisory votes on tax increases set for committee vote

  • Public records exemption bill scheduled for Senate public hearing

  • Hearing scheduled for B&O apportionment bill

  • Status of affordable housing bills at cutoff

  • Change to B&O tax deadline for annual filers passes House

  • ADU bills continue to improve for cities

  • Bill requiring smoke detection devices advances to the House

  • Round up of land use bills after cutoff

  • Opioid treatment bill moves to the House

  • Summary of environmental bills at cutoff

  • Transparency of local utility taxing districts bill amended

  • Bill to encourage pollinator habitat passes Senate

  • Density bill improves for cities

  • Enhanced State Treasurer services moving forward with a change

  • Vacating cannabis misdemeanor convictions bill advances

  • Watch legislator profile videos on TVW

  • Bills addressing protection orders advance

  • Bill to provide immunity from prostitution charges in limited circumstances advances

  • Bill that requires actions by officers in response to domestic violence continues to move

  • Bill that helps fire departments recover cleanup costs passes House

  • Bill concerning criminal penalties for licensed marijuana retailers moves to Senate

  • Bill addressing impaired driving statutes moves to the Senate

  • New prevailing wage rates for landscape maintenance

  • 2019 Session passes the halfway mark

  • Wayfair implementation increases city sales tax collections

  • Bill to expand alternatives to arrest, creates grant program, advances to Senate

  • Ecology’s recycling market response bill passes the House

  • Plastic product stewardship bill passes Senate in very different form

  • Narrowed version of SEPA exemption bill for homeless housing passes Senate

  • Public works contracting modernization bill passes out of Senate

  • PFML technical fix moves to Senate

  • Community forest bill passes out of Senate as a pilot program

  • Trueblood settlement bill advances

  • New transportation package, Forward Washington, moves out of committee

  • Senate passes privacy bill limiting use of facial recognition technology

  • Public records exemption bill passes House

  • Progress made on AWC’s public records reporting bill

  • Update on our BLEA priority

  • Bill clarifies role of municipal courts to enter temporary protection orders

  • Open public meeting expansion bill waiting for vote

  • House passes expansion of volunteer firefighter pension benefits

  • House passes rural development and opportunity zone bill

  • Bill to provide for a continuum of care for behavioral health patients advances

  • Wrongful death bill passes Senate

  • Proposal to allow tiny house communities passes Senate

  • Animal fighting bill advances

  • Public works bills passed House and heading to Senate

  • Plastic bag and straw bills pass Senate

  • On-site sewage systems bill passes Senate

  • Two condo liability reform bills switch to other chamber

  • Found property bill passes House

  • House heard proposed changes to Voting Rights Act

  • Focus is on floor action, while budget challenges continue to loom

  • Proposed changes to Voting Rights Act pass Senate

  • Density bill gets worse for cities coming out of the Appropriations Committee

  • Status of bills on homelessness at cutoff

  • Status of affordable housing bills at cutoff

  • Summary of environmental bills after first cutoff deadlines

  • Status of public safety and criminal justice bills

  • Union dues bills progress in Legislature

  • Delivery robot bills move out of House and Senate transportation committees

  • Motorized foot scooter regulation bills move forward

  • Wrongful death bills advance

  • Cannabis bills that have died

  • L&I responds to AWC petition for emergency prevailing wage rulemaking

  • Some cannabis bills advance

  • SEPA exemption bill for temporary shelters and encampments continues to move

  • Round up of land use bills after cutoff

  • Governor’s broadband bills on the move

  • Local government records reporting bill advances

  • Wayfair implementation increases city sales tax collections

  • Bill reauthorizes tax structure work group and adds city voice

  • First cutoff passes – Now it’s time to start talking about the budget

  • AWC testifies in opposition to pension bill

  • State bank proposal introduced, but fails to advance

  • Legislature to hold hearings on I-976, limiting state and local taxes, fees, and TBDs

  • New 10-year transportation funding package proposed in the Senate

  • U.S. Supreme Court decides excessive fines forfeiture case against state

  • Pavement condition data reporting bill set for public hearing

  • Senate transportation network company bill set for hearing has preemptive provisions

  • Modernization of government procurement update

  • Call to action on AWC’s economic development bill

  • Legislative records bill dies in committee, but several others move forward

  • Clarifying “piggybacking” requirements

  • ADU bills diverge in the House and the Senate

  • House substitute version of density bill passes first hurdle

  • Fiscal committees begin hearing housing priority bills

  • Bill aims to codify Boise case on rights of homeless to survive

  • Bill addressing impaired driving continues to move

  • Bill that proposes to modernize business crimes passes House

  • Bill to help survivors of trafficking and prostitution passes out of House

  • Legislature approaches first cutoff deadline as Olympia thaws out

  • New “livability” density bill introduced, will be heard this week

  • AWC priority housing investment bills continue to move and need your support!

  • Another graduated REET for housing bill

  • Another set of ADU bills

  • Bill incentivizes cities to establish housing affordability zones

  • Bill would create community forest grant program

  • After a snow delay, Multifamily Tax Exemption bills will be heard

  • Substitute version of HPA and bulkheads bill moves forward

  • Senate version of plastic packaging stewardship bill on the move

  • Updates on public disclosure exemption bills

  • House committee to hear bill on local government ranked choice voting

  • Public hearing held on legislative records bill

  • Opioid treatment bills advance, adds requirements for jails

  • Bill to address placement of sexually violent predators scheduled for hearing

  • PERS 1 COLA bill gets public hearing rescheduled

  • Bills to address hate crimes and add criteria for protection orders

  • Legislation to protect minors from sexual exploitation

  • Bills to protect animals scheduled for public hearings

  • Bill makes changes to driving with a suspended license laws

  • Motorized foot scooter companion bill

  • Utility lien bill gets new title and bill number

  • Hauler recycling bill up for a hearing in the Senate

  • State considers opportunities to reinvest in critical infrastructure challenges

  • Bill to allow municipal cannabis retail gets a hearing

  • Snow closes the Capitol

  • Motorized foot scooter bill to be heard this week

  • Watch testimony on one of AWC’s priorities – culvert funding

  • Bill to regulate religious homeless encampments returns

  • Bill would create a new legal framework for short-term rentals

  • Bill restricts annexation covenants for utility services

  • Companion short plat bill will be heard

  • B&O tax filer deadline to align with federal tax day

  • Bill expanding uses for city traffic safety cameras set for hearing

  • Bill to require public fleets to become electric by late 2020s

  • Bill would turn Public Works Trust Fund into State Infrastructure Bank

  • Public records inspection availability bill set for hearing

  • House to hear bill on restricting weapons in libraries and parks

  • AWC’s economic development bill amended and voted out of committee

  • Hearing set for legislative public records bill

  • Bill makes changes to Growth Management Hearings Board

  • Local tax flexibility

  • Proposed changes to public works bidding process

  • Public works contracting bill updates

  • Companion Park Benefit District bill gets a hearing

  • Bills to restore Public Works Trust Fund for infrastructure receive hearings

  • Small city Multifamily Tax Exemption bill to be heard in Ways & Means

  • Basic Law Enforcement Academy wait times reduction bill moves

  • Paid Family & Medical Leave technical fix bill gets second hearing

  • First-responder occupational disease bills get hearings

  • Committee to hear bill on PERS 1 COLA

  • House’s version of a housing and density bill is introduced

  • Bill would help fire departments recover cleanup costs

  • Firearm seizure and restricted access related to domestic violence and protection orders

  • Preemption of cities ability to impose employee-based taxes

  • Bill proposing community service for litterers advances

  • AGO request bill would consolidate traffic LFOs

  • New bills would restore PWTF resources

  • Recycling market response bills offer a mix of solutions

  • Open meetings bill scheduled for public hearing

  • Bill proposes new requirement on state paid stormwater fees

  • Municipal electric utilities planning efforts for transportation electrification

  • Proposal to increase fines for violators of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes

  • Bills to secure funding for the Transportation Improvement Board

  • Proposed changes to city pavement conditions reports

  • Cities banned from attaching some utility liens

  • Bills related to union dues collection and union security scheduled for hearings

  • Bill prohibiting employers from seeking salary history scheduled for hearing

  • Survey for elected officials on experiences with Target Zero

  • Proposal to change GMA urban services definition

  • GMA housing element expansion bill

  • Tiny homes bill receives a hearing

  • AWC-supported public records bill scheduled for hearing

  • New local housing revenue ideas emerge

  • Bills affecting public works contracting thresholds

  • A new minimum density bill, with implications for Sound Transit

  • Bill to authorize financing for local government infrastructure

  • Two Sunshine Committee bills scheduled for Friday hearing

  • Legislature to hear bills restricting government use of new technologies

  • Law enforcement behavioral health grant bill gets public hearing

  • Bill creating efficiencies in adoption of council-manager government scheduled for hearing

  • Cities testify in support of AWC’s economic development priority bill

  • Nonprofit homeownership development companion bill will be heard

  • Senate version of wrongful death bill advances

  • Bill regulates use of automated license plate recognition systems

  • Bill authorizes creation of a municipal police district

  • Bill allows local governments to receive a cannabis retail license

  • Call before you dig bill

  • 2018 Lodging tax expenditure data reporting site now open

  • I-940 “fix” bill passes Legislature

  • Simplification of B&O tax apportionment

  • More than 1,400 bills have been introduced so far in 2019

  • Three bills address barriers to building condos

  • Governor’s request energy efficiency bill up for a hearing

  • Smoke alarm bill may create unfunded mandate

  • Orca task force recommendation bill on HPA and bulkheads

  • Self-help housing bill has House companion

  • REET bill introduced in the House

  • The House adds more bills expanding property tax exemption for affordable housing

  • Bills addressing affordable housing development by religious organizations

  • AWC priority bill encouraging investments in affordable & supportive housing

  • Bill streamlines annexations of unincorporated islands

  • “Best available science” for critical area planning bill is heard

  • Bill proposes changes to mobile home park home siting

  • Cannabis home grow and delivery bills to be heard

  • Food truck bill gets a hearing

  • I-940 “fix” bill passes the House

  • Bill authorizes regulation of the open carrying of firearms in public meetings

  • Senate version of wrongful death bill advances

  • Two pension bills scheduled for public hearings

  • Legislators introduce Governor’s behavioral health bills

  • Rural development and opportunity zone act scheduled for hearing

  • Committee will hold hearing on broadband expansion bill

  • AWC economic development priority bill set for public hearing

  • AWC seeking city feedback on facial recognition privacy bill

  • Treasurer’s proposal to provide enhanced investment services

  • Bills address voluntary cleanup of contaminated properties

  • Prohibition on local governments’ toll authority

  • Military surplus vehicle bill to be heard

  • Creation of parks benefit districts provides new revenue options

  • Hearings on sidewalk delivery devices

  • Bill allows certain cities to directly impose lodging tax

  • Work underway to address “unintended consequences” of prevailing wage changes

  • 2019 Legislative Session starts off with a fast pace

  • Bill creates a private right of action for motorcycle profiling

  • Chemical Action Plans bill scheduled for Thursday

  • Foreclosure protection efforts continue this session

  • Several bills address the proliferation of plastics

  • Proposed changes to the Voting Rights Act

  • Several bills expand property tax exemption for affordable housing

  • Self-help housing sales tax and REET exemption bill up for a hearing

  • Bill proposes to extend city authority to use REET for housing and homelessness

  • Wrongful death bills are back this year

  • Bill proposes to raise the burden of proof in forfeiture hearings

  • Bill proposing community service for litterers gets a hearing

  • Senate version of public defense funding bill will be heard

  • A flurry of Growth Management Act bills in the Senate

  • Bill to reduce wait time for basic law enforcement training gets a hearing

  • Public works small works roster bill to be heard

  • FMSIB annual report

  • Transportation cameras bill allows use in prosecution of crimes

  • Senate Remote Testimony Pilot Program expanded to public

  • Bill restricting cannabis business siting is scheduled for a committee vote

  • Cannabis home grows bill gets a hearing

  • I-940 “fix” bills are on the fast track

  • Senate work session on draft transportation package

  • Washington infrastructure receives a “C” grade

  • Adult family home bill gets a public hearing

  • New legislation requires prepaid postage for all elections

  • NLC comments on Opportunity Zones tax breaks

  • Hearing held on Sunshine Committee recommendations bill

  • Injured worker benefit payment bill set for hearing

  • Firefighter safety bill scheduled for hearing

  • Bill would allow state to invest pension assets of first-class cities

  • Secretary of State certifies I-976, car tab initiative, to Legislature

  • Bill creates a pilot for cities to hire homeless

  • Sign on to support funding for homelessness prevention

  • 2019 Legislative Session is here!

  • Settlement approved in Trueblood case

  • Study bill to create a disaster planning work group

  • Hearing scheduled for public defense services funding bill

  • Governor announces initiative to pardon marijuana misdemeanors

  • Initiative 940 "fix" bills scheduled for a hearing

  • Bill restricting cannabis business siting gets a hearing

  • Transparency of local taxing districts

  • DRS releases annual financial report on state pension systems

  • DRS announces 2019 retirement planning seminars for public employees

  • JLARC releases public records data brief

  • AWC will file amicus supporting city rights-of-way

  • I-976 aims to reduce motor vehicle fees & limit Transportations Benefit Districts

  • Local governments are eligible for Automated Driving System demonstration grants

  • Premiums have begun – Cities have unanswered PFML implementation questions

  • A mixed review of the Governor’s proposed budget

  • Governor releases 2019 budget proposals

  • Orca Task Force’s recommendations highlighted in Governor’s budget

  • State Auditor’s Office updates

  • Governor announces proposal on clean energy and reducing greenhouse gases

  • Sixteen rural cities receive 2018 CDBG awards

  • Labor & Industries proposing updated rules that could double overtime exemption threshold

  • Prefiled bill proposes additional restrictions to cannabis business siting

  • New year, new leave law: PFML premium collection begins in 2019!

  • Governor announces plan to significantly increase community-based behavioral health treatment system

  • WFOA announces 2019 class schedule

  • Prevailing Wage Agency system updates

  • City transportation needs discussed at recent Joint Transportation Committee

  • Commerce releases new buildable lands report guidelines

  • Round two of Behavioral Health Facilities grant program opens

  • The mid-term elections and Washington cities

  • WSDOT survey for users of Interstate 5 in Thurston County

  • AWC response to FCC franchise rule making

  • Eyman submits initiative to reduce car tabs

  • Archives offers free public records trainings

  • Public Records Task Force hears from local government leaders

  • Opportunity Zones provide investment incentive for low-income areas

  • ESD releases PFML toolkit to assist employers

  • New law may require your agency to send child support payments electronically

  • Select Committee on Pension Policy votes in support of Plan 1 COLA

  • Online tool shows local student homelessness data

  • Provide feedback to Ecology on update to Critical Aquifer Recharge Area Guidance

  • Initiative 940 – What happens next?

  • Commerce hosts final workshops on civilian-military compatibility planning

  • Deadline approaches for cities to adopt the model license threshold

  • House Finance Committee briefing on B&O tax apportionment workgroup report

  • New FCC rules preempt cities on small cell deployment

  • FCC proposes new rules on cable franchise fees

  • Senate Republicans propose behavioral health package

  • AWC fights for local decision-making in new amicus brief

  • Streamflow restoration grant application closes October 31

  • Bothell and AWC advocate for new economic development tools

  • EAP overtime exemption rulemaking underway

  • Select Committee on Pension Policy discusses potential Plan 1 COLA

  • Public records task force holds second meeting

  • Feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity? Check these resources

  • Do you have ash trees in your parks or streetscapes? Read this

  • Statewide inventory of untested sexual assault kits complete

  • Spots available at SAO BARS Roundtable events

  • Commerce hosting civilian-military compatibility planning workshops

  • B&O tax apportionment workgroup report completed

  • AWC collecting information on city adoption of the model license threshold

  • Final weeks to comment on Western WA stormwater manual

  • Reminder: Draft stormwater permits workshops & webinars

  • Innovations and Partnerships in Transportation Conference

  • AWC finalizes 2019 Legislative Priorities

  • Budget and campaign season are in full swing

  • New prevailing wage rates creating sticker shock for cities

  • Public records task force holds first meeting

  • The Puget Sound Action Agenda is open for public comment

  • B&O tax apportionment workgroup nearing final recommendations

  • Planning for small cell wireless infrastructure

  • CERB rural broadband program accepting loan grant applications

  • Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation information session

  • Deadline approaching for BLS partner cities to adopt model license provisions

  • Drug take-back program in rulemaking

  • Ninth Circuit decision on criminalizing homelessness

  • ESD is seeking city feedback on PFML Phase 3 rules