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AWC member cities and towns

AWC membership is voluntary. However, we consistently maintain 100% participation from Washington's 281 cities and towns. Check out the map below for locations of each city throughout the state and click on a city for more information including population, legislative and congressional districts, government type, city hall, website, and more.


City of AberdeenPeter Schave16890200 E Market StAberdeenWA98520-5242 Grays Harbor
City of Airway HeightsKevin Richey100101208 S Lundstrom StAirway HeightsWA99001-9000 Spokane
Town of AlbionCarolyn Emerson-Farr550PO Box 38AlbionWA99102 Whitman
City of AlgonaDave Hill3210200 Washington BlvdAlgonaWA98001-8503 King
Town of AlmiraJason Evers275PO Box 215AlmiraWA99103 Lincoln
City of AnacortesLaurie Gere17830PO Box 547AnacortesWA98221 Skagit
City of ArlingtonBarbara Tolbert20600238 N Olympic AveArlingtonWA98223-1337 Snohomish
City of AsotinDwayne Paris1285PO Box 517AsotinWA99402 Asotin
City of AuburnNancy Backus8194025 W Main StAuburnWA98001-4916 King, Pierce
City of Bainbridge IslandLeslie Schneider25070280 Madison Ave NBainbridge IslandWA98110-1812 Kitsap
City of Battle GroundAdrian Cortes22180109 SW 1st St Ste 221Battle GroundWA98604-2818 Clark
Town of Beaux Arts VillageJohn Gillem30010550 SE 27th StBeaux ArtsWA98004-7231 King
City of BellevueLynne Robinson148100PO Box 90012BellevueWA98009 King
City of BellinghamSeth Fleetwood91610210 Lottie StBellinghamWA98225 Whatcom
City of Benton CityLinda Lehman3560PO Box 70Benton CityWA99320 Benton
City of BingenBetty Barnes750PO Box 607BingenWA98605-0607 Klickitat
City of Black DiamondCarol Benson5205PO Box 599Black DiamondWA98010 King
City of BlaineBonnie Onyon5520435 Martin St Ste 3000BlaineWA98230-4106 Whatcom
City of Bonney LakeNeil Johnson21390PO Box 7380Bonney LakeWA98391 Pierce
City of BothellLiam Olsen4840018415 101st Ave NEBothellWA98011-3403 King, Snohomish
City of BremertonGreg Wheeler41750345 6th St Ste 100BremertonWA98337-1873 Kitsap
City of BrewsterArt Smyth2420PO Box 340BrewsterWA98812 Okanogan
City of BridgeportJanet Conklin2500PO Box 640BridgeportWA98813 Douglas
City of BrierDale Kaemingk67602901 228th St SWBrierWA98036-8321 Snohomish
City of BuckleyPat Johnson5080PO Box 1960BuckleyWA98321 Pierce
Town of BucodaAlan Carr580PO Box 10BucodaWA98530 Thurston
City of BurienJimmy Matta52300400 SW 152nd St Ste 300BurienWA98166-1917 King
City of BurlingtonSteve Sexton9270833 S Spruce StBurlingtonWA98233-2810 Skagit
City of CamasBarry McDonnell25140616 NE 4th AveCamasWA98607-2108 Clark
Town of CarbonadoKevin Vesey685PO Drawer 91CarbonadoWA98323 Pierce
City of CarnationKim Lisk2265PO Box 1238CarnationWA98014 King
City of CashmereJim Fletcher3165101 Woodring StCashmereWA98815-1034 Chelan
City of Castle RockPaul Helenberg2235PO Box 370Castle RockWA98611 Cowlitz
Town of CathlametDale Jacobson520375 Second StCathlametWA98612 Wahkiakum
City of CentraliaSusan Luond17290PO Box 609CentraliaWA98531 Lewis
City of ChehalisDennis Dawes7550350 N Market Blvd Rm 101ChehalisWA98532-2620 Lewis
City of ChelanBob Goedde4355PO Box 1669ChelanWA98816 Chelan
City of CheneyChristopher Grover12640609 2nd StCheneyWA99004-1606 Spokane
City of ChewelahDorothy Knauss2715PO Box 258ChewelahWA99109 Stevens
City of ClarkstonMonika Lawrence7220829 5th StClarkstonWA99403-2633 Asotin
City of Cle ElumJay McGowan1995119 W 1st StCle ElumWA98922-1105 Kittitas
City of Clyde HillMarianne Klaas30559605 NE 24th StClyde HillWA98004-2141 King
City of ColfaxJim Retzer2840PO Box 229ColfaxWA99111 Whitman
City of College PlaceNorma Hernandez9780625 S College AveCollege PlaceWA99324-1516 Walla Walla
Town of ColtonJerry Weber445PO Box 157ColtonWA99113 Whitman
City of ColvilleRalph Lane4750170 S Oak StColvilleWA99114-2846 Stevens
Town of ConconullySam Martin235PO Box 127ConconullyWA98819 Okanogan
Town of ConcreteJason Miller760PO Box 39ConcreteWA98237 Skagit
City of ConnellLee Barrow5500PO Box 1200ConnellWA99326 Franklin
City of CosmopolisKyle Pauley1695PO Box 2007CosmopolisWA98537 Grays Harbor
Town of Coulee CityShirleyRae Maes575PO Box 398Coulee CityWA99115 Grant
Town of Coulee DamBob Poch1100300 Lincoln AveCoulee DamWA99116-1419 Okanogan, Douglas, Grant
Town of CoupevilleMolly Hughes1925PO Box 725CoupevilleWA98239 Island
City of CovingtonJeff Wagner2053016720 SE 271st St Ste 100CovingtonWA98042-7342 King
Town of CrestonRosario Felice225PO Box 131CrestonWA99117 Lincoln
Town of CusickDuane Schofield220PO Box 263CusickWA99119 Pend Oreille
Town of DarringtonDan Rankin1420PO Box 397DarringtonWA98241 Snohomish
City of DavenportBradley Sweet1740PO Box 26DavenportWA99122-0026 Lincoln
City of DaytonZachary Weatherford2565111 S 1st StDaytonWA99328-1306 Columbia
City of Deer ParkTimothy Verzal4485PO Box FDeer ParkWA99006 Spokane
City of Des MoinesMatt Pina3226021630 11th Ave SDes MoinesWA98198-6317 King
City of DuPontRonald Frederick95251700 Civic DrDupontWA98327-9603 Pierce
City of DuvallAmy Ockerlander7950PO Box 1300DuvallWA98019 King
City of East WenatcheeJerrilea Crawford13740271 9th St NEEast WenatcheeWA98802-4438 Douglas
Town of EatonvilleMike Schaub3010PO Box 309EatonvilleWA98328 Pierce
City of EdgewoodDaryl Eidinger120702224 104th Ave EEdgewoodWA98372-1513 Pierce
City of EdmondsMichael Nelson42470121 5th Ave NEdmondsWA98020-3145 Snohomish
City of Electric CityDiane Kohout1030PO Box 130Electric CityWA99123 Grant
City of EllensburgBruce Tabb20640501 N Anderson StEllensburgWA98926-3147 Kittitas
City of ElmaJames Sorensen3410PO Box EElmaWA98541 Grays Harbor
Town of Elmer CityJesse Tillman290PO Box 179Elmer CityWA99124 Okanogan
Town of EndicottSteve Salzman295PO Box 418EndicottWA99125 Whitman
City of EntiatMichael Buckingham1290PO Box 228EntiatWA98822 Chelan
City of EnumclawJan Molinaro126101339 Griffin AveEnumclawWA98022-3011 King
City of EphrataBruce Reim8210121 Alder St SWEphrataWA98823-1840 Grant
City of EverettCassandra Franklin1127002930 Wetmore Ave Ste 1-AEverettWA98201-4067 Snohomish
City of EversonJohn Perry2860PO Box 315EversonWA98247 Whatcom
Town of FairfieldKayDee Gilkey635PO Box 334FairfieldWA99012 Spokane
Town of FarmingtonBrian Oliver155PO Box 65FarmingtonWA99128 Whitman
City of Federal WayJim Ferrell9834033325 8th Ave SFederal WayWA98003-6325 King
City of FerndaleGreg Hansen14600PO Box 936FerndaleWA98248 Whatcom
City of FifeKim Roscoe102005411 23rd St EFifeWA98424-2061 Pierce
City of FircrestHunter George6790115 Ramsdell StFircrestWA98466-6912 Pierce
City of ForksTim Fletcher3680500 E Division StForksWA98331-8618 Clallam
Town of Friday HarborFarhad Ghatan2490PO Box 219Friday HarborWA98250 San Juan
Town of GarfieldJarrod Pfaff600PO Box 218GarfieldWA99130 Whitman
City of GeorgeDonald Entzel730PO Box 5277GeorgeWA98824 Grant
City of Gig HarborKit Kuhn112403510 Grandview StGig HarborWA98335-1214 Pierce
City of Gold BarBill Clem2195107 5th StGold BarWA98251-9275 Snohomish
City of GoldendaleMichael Canon35651103 S Columbus AveGoldendaleWA98620-9268 Klickitat
City of Grand CouleePaul Townsend1055PO Box 180Grand CouleeWA99133 Grant
City of GrandviewGloria Mendoza11230207 W 2nd StGrandviewWA98930-1360 Yakima
City of GrangerJose Trevino4155PO Box 1100GrangerWA98932 Yakima
City of Granite FallsMatt Hartman4425PO Box 1440Granite FallsWA98252 Snohomish
Town of HamiltonCarla Vandiver300PO Box 528HamiltonWA98255 Skagit
Town of HarrahBarbara Harrer680PO Box 10HarrahWA98933 Yakima
City of HarringtonNathan Luck415PO Box 492HarringtonWA99134 Lincoln
Town of HartlineJim Baergen155PO Box 158HartlineWA99135 Grant
Town of HattonBrittany Baldwin115150 Bronson StHattonWA99344-9494 Adams
City of HoquiamBenjamin Winkelman8540609 8th StHoquiamWA98550-3522 Grays Harbor
Town of Hunts PointJoseph Sabey4203000 Hunts Point RdHunts PointWA98004-1121 King
City of IlwacoGary Forner965PO Box 548IlwacoWA98624 Pacific
Town of IndexNorman Johnson175PO Box 88IndexWA98256 Snohomish
Town of IoneCharles Spears450PO Box 498IoneWA99139 Pend Oreille
City of IssaquahMary Lou Pauly38690PO Box 1307IssaquahWA98027 King
City of KahlotusDavid Wooten165PO Box 100KahlotusWA99335 Franklin
City of KalamaMike Reuter2975PO Box 1007KalamaWA98625 Cowlitz
City of KelsoNancy Malone12340PO Box 819KelsoWA98626 Cowlitz
City of KenmoreDavid Baker2345018120 68th Ave NEKenmoreWA98028-2701 King
City of KennewickDon Britain84960PO Box 6108KennewickWA99336 Benton
City of KentDana Ralph130500220 Fourth Ave SKentWA98032-5838 King
City of Kettle FallsJohn Ridlington1635PO Box 457Kettle FallsWA99141 Stevens
City of KirklandPenny Sweet90660123 5th AveKirklandWA98033-6121 King
City of KittitasJohn Camarata1530PO Box 719KittitasWA98934 Kittitas
Town of KruppTracy Lesser50PO Box 227KruppWA98832 Grant
City of La CenterGreg Thornton3705214 E 4th StLa CenterWA98629-5430 Clark
Town of La ConnerRamon Hayes970PO Box 400La ConnerWA98257 Skagit
City of LaceyAndy Ryder52910420 College St SELaceyWA98503 Thurston
Town of LaCrosseRandy Camp310PO Box 228LaCrosseWA99143 Whitman
City of Lake Forest ParkJeff Johnson1328017425 Ballinger Way NELake Forest ParkWA98155-5556 King
City of Lake StevensBrett Gailey34150PO Box 257Lake StevensWA98258 Snohomish
City of LakewoodDon Anderson600306000 Main St SWLakewoodWA98499-5027 Pierce
Town of LamontSteve Ulrich80302 8th StLamontWA99017-8771 Whitman
City of LangleyTim Callison1195PO Box 366LangleyWA98260 Island
Town of LatahTeresa Galvin195PO Box 130LatahWA99018 Spokane
City of LeavenworthCarl Florea2080PO Box 287LeavenworthWA98826 Chelan
City of Liberty LakeShane Brickner1150022710 E Country Vista DrLiberty LakeWA99019-7592 Spokane
Town of LindPaula Bell550PO Box FLindWA99341 Adams
City of Long BeachJerry Phillips1550PO Box 310Long BeachWA98631 Pacific
City of LongviewMaryAlice Wallis38350PO Box 128LongviewWA98632 Cowlitz
Town of LymanEddie Hills450PO Box 1248LymanWA98263 Skagit
City of LyndenScott Korthuis14800PO Box 650LyndenWA98264 Whatcom
City of LynnwoodNicola Smith4069019100 44th Ave WLynnwoodWA98036-5635 Snohomish
City of MabtonLaura Vazquez2330PO Box 655MabtonWA98935 Yakima
Town of MaldenChristina Ferrell200PO Box 248MaldenWA99149 Whitman
Town of MansfieldTom Snell330PO Box 218MansfieldWA98830 Douglas
City of Maple ValleySean Kelly26630PO Box 320Maple ValleyWA98038-0320 King
Town of MarcusKaren Lyons175PO Box 98MarcusWA99151 Stevens
City of MarysvilleJon Nehring691801049 State AveMarysvilleWA98270-4234 Snohomish
City of MattawaScott Hyndman4955PO Box 965MattawaWA99349 Grant
City of McClearyBrenda Orffer1815100 S 3rd StMcClearyWA98557-9652 Grays Harbor
City of Medical LakeShirley Maike5040PO Box 369Medical LakeWA99022 Spokane
City of MedinaJessica Rossman3300PO Box 144MedinaWA98039 King
City of Mercer IslandBenson Wong246909611 SE 36th StMercer IslandWA98040-3732 King
City of MesaPatti Bailie495PO Box 146MesaWA99343 Franklin
Town of MetalinePeter Daggett170PO Box 85MetalineWA99152 Pend Oreille
Town of Metaline FallsTara Leininger245PO Box 277Metaline FallsWA99153 Pend Oreille
City of Mill Creek 2059015728 Main StMill CreekWA98012-1518 Snohomish
City of MillwoodKevin Freeman18409103 E FrederickMillwoodWA99206 Spokane
City of MiltonShanna Styron Sherrell84001000 Laurel StMiltonWA98354-8887 Pierce, King
City of MonroeGeoffrey Thomas19800806 W Main StMonroeWA98272-2125 Snohomish
City of MontesanoVini Samuel4175112 N Main StMontesanoWA98563-3707 Grays Harbor
City of MortonDan Mortensen1145PO Box 1089MortonWA98356 Lewis
City of Moses LakeDavid Curnel24620PO Box 1579Moses LakeWA98837 Grant
City of MossyrockRandall Sasser795PO Box 96MossyrockWA98564 Lewis
City of Mount VernonJill Boudreau36050910 Cleveland AveMount VernonWA98273 Skagit
City of Mountlake TerraceKyoko Wright21660PO Box 72Mountlake TerraceWA98043 Snohomish
City of MoxeeGreg La Bree4320PO Box 249MoxeeWA98936 Yakima
City of MukilteoJennifer Gregerson2136011930 Cyrus WayMukilteoWA98275-5408 Snohomish
Town of NachesPaul Williams995PO Box 95NachesWA98937 Yakima
City of NapavineShawn O'Neill2010PO Box 810NapavineWA98565 Lewis
Town of NespelemDarcy Epperson245PO Box 240NespelemWA99155 Okanogan
City of NewcastleLinda Newing1287012835 Newcastle Way #200NewcastleWA98056-1316 King
City of NewportShirley Sands2215200 S Washington AveNewportWA99156-9670 Pend Oreille
City of NooksackJim Ackerman1645103 W Madison StNooksackWA98276-7048 Whatcom
City of Normandy ParkSue-Ann Hohimer6625801 SW 174th StNormandy ParkWA98166-3679 King
City of North BendRob McFarland7455PO Box 896North BendWA98045 King
City of North BonnevilleBrian Sabo1035PO Box 7North BonnevilleWA98639 Skamania
Town of NorthportKarene Balcom295PO Box 177NorthportWA99157 Stevens
City of Oak HarborBob Severns22910865 SE Barrington DrOak HarborWA98277-3280 Island
Town of OakesdaleDennis Palmer425PO Box 246OakesdaleWA99158 Whitman
City of OakvilleAngelo Cilluffo695PO Box DOakvilleWA98568 Grays Harbor
City of Ocean ShoresCrystal Dingler6690PO Box 909Ocean ShoresWA98569 Grays Harbor
Town of OdessaBill Crossley905PO Box 218OdessaWA99159 Lincoln
City of OkanoganJon Culp2665PO Box 752OkanoganWA98840 Okanogan
City of OlympiaCheryl Selby54150PO Box 1967OlympiaWA98507 Thurston
City of OmakCindy Gagne4955PO Box 72OmakWA98841 Okanogan
City of OrovilleJon Neal1700PO Box 2200OrovilleWA98844 Okanogan
City of OrtingJoshua Penner8635PO Box 489OrtingWA98360 Pierce
City of OthelloShawn Logan8515500 E Main StOthelloWA99344-1149 Adams
City of PacificLeanne Guier6925100 3rd Ave SEPacificWA98047-1349 King, Pierce
City of PalouseChris Cook1090PO Box 248PalouseWA99161 Whitman
City of PascoSaul Martinez77100PO Box 293PascoWA99301 Franklin
City of PaterosCarlene Anders595PO Box 8PaterosWA98846 Okanogan
Town of Pe EllLonnie Willey660PO Box 215Pe EllWA98572 Lewis
City of PomeroyPaul Miller1405PO Box 370PomeroyWA99347 Garfield
City of Port AngelesKate Dexter19710321 E 5th StPort AngelesWA98362-3206 Clallam
City of Port OrchardRobert Putaansuu14770216 Prospect StPort OrchardWA98366-5326 Kitsap
City of Port TownsendMichelle Sandoval9665250 Madison St Ste 2Port TownsendWA98368-5738 Jefferson
City of PoulsboBecky Erickson11550200 NE Moe StPoulsboWA98370-7347 Kitsap
City of PrescottSteve Heimbigner330PO Box 27PrescottWA99348 Walla Walla
City of ProsserRandy Taylor6220601 7th StProsserWA99350-1459 Benton
City of PullmanGlenn Johnson34850325 SE Paradise StPullmanWA99163-2631 Whitman
City of PuyallupJulie Door42700333 S MeridianPuyallupWA98371-5904 Pierce
City of QuincyPaul Worley7930PO Box 338QuincyWA98848 Grant
City of RainierRobert Shaw2210PO Box 258RainierWA98576 Thurston
City of RaymondTony Nordin2910230 2nd StRaymondWA98577-2406 Pacific
Town of ReardanGail Daniels580PO Box 228ReardanWA99029 Lincoln
City of RedmondAngela Birney69900PO Box 97010RedmondWA98073 King
City of RentonArmondo Pavone1055001055 S Grady WayRentonWA98057-3232 King
City of RepublicElbert Koontz1105PO Box 331RepublicWA99166 Ferry
City of RichlandRyan Lukson58550505 Swift Blvd MS-05RichlandWA99352-3510 Benton
City of RidgefieldDon Stose9770PO Box 608RidgefieldWA98642 Clark
City of RitzvilleGary Cook1660216 E Main AveRitzvilleWA99169-1422 Adams
Town of RiversideJason Hubbard290PO Box 188RiversideWA98849 Okanogan
City of Rock IslandRandy Agnew1220PO Box 99Rock IslandWA98850 Douglas
Town of RockfordCarrie Roecks495PO Box 49RockfordWA99030 Spokane
Town of RosaliaLee Root560PO Box 277RosaliaWA99170 Whitman
City of RoslynBrent Hals900PO Box 451RoslynWA98941 Kittitas
City of RoyAnthony McDaniel820PO Box 700RoyWA98580 Pierce
City of Royal CityKent Andersen2605PO Box 1239Royal CityWA99357 Grant
City of RustonBruce Hopkins10405117 N Winnifred StRustonWA98407-6512 Pierce
City of SammamishKaren Moran65100801 228th Ave SESammamishWA98075 King
City of SeaTacErin Sitterley291804800 S 188th St Ste 100SeaTacWA98188-8605 King
City of SeattleJenny Durkan761100PO Box 34025SeattleWA98124 King
City of Sedro-WoolleyJulia Johnson11890325 Metcalf StSedro-WoolleyWA98284 Skagit
City of SelahSherry Raymond8035115 W Naches AveSelahWA98942-1303 Yakima
City of SequimWilliam Armacost7860152 W Cedar StSequimWA98382-3317 Clallam
City of SheltonKevin Dorcy10390525 W Cota StSheltonWA98584-2239 Mason
City of ShorelineWill Hall5698017500 Midvale Ave NShorelineWA98133 King
Town of SkykomishHenry Sladek205PO Box 308SkykomishWA98288 King
City of SnohomishJohn Kartak10240PO Box 1589SnohomishWA98291-1589 Snohomish
City of SnoqualmieMatthew Larson13680PO Box 987SnoqualmieWA98065 King
City of Soap LakeAlex Kovach1575PO Box 1270Soap LakeWA98851 Grant
City of South BendJulie Struck1645PO Box 9South BendWA98586 Pacific
Town of South Cle ElumJames DeVere535PO Box 160South Cle ElumWA98943 Kittitas
Town of South PrairieTony Caldwell500PO Box 870South PrairieWA98385 Pierce
Town of SpangleMelissa Holling285PO Box 147SpangleWA99031 Spokane
City of SpokaneNadine Woodward223600808 W Spokane Falls BlvdSpokaneWA99201-3333 Spokane
City of Spokane ValleyBen Wick9749010210 E Sprague AveSpokane ValleyWA99206-3682 Spokane
City of SpragueJohn Eagleson440119 W Second StSpragueWA99032 Lincoln
Town of SpringdaleStefany Smith320PO Box 220SpringdaleWA99173 Stevens
Town of St JohnMike Webb515PO Box 298St JohnWA99171 Whitman
City of StanwoodElizabeth Callaghan712510220 270th St NWStanwoodWA98292-8022 Snohomish
Town of StarbuckRichard Ells130PO Box 276StarbuckWA99359 Columbia
Town of SteilacoomRon Lucas65051030 Roe StSteilacoomWA98388-4010 Pierce
City of StevensonScott Anderson1655PO Box 371StevensonWA98648 Skamania
City of SultanRussell Wiita5530PO Box 1199SultanWA98294 Snohomish
City of SumasKyle Christensen1665PO Box 9SumasWA98295 Whatcom
City of SumnerBill Pugh103601104 Maple St Ste 200SumnerWA98390-1407 Pierce
City of SunnysideFrancisco Guerrero17250818 E Edison AveSunnysideWA98944-2206 Yakima
City of TacomaVictoria Woodards213300747 Market StTacomaWA98402-3701 Pierce
City of TekoaTroy Wilson770PO Box 927TekoaWA99033 Whitman
City of TeninoWayne Fournier1850PO Box 4019TeninoWA98589 Thurston
City of TietonDewane Ashbrooks1305PO Box 357TietonWA98947 Yakima
City of ToledoSteve Dobosh730PO Box 236ToledoWA98591 Lewis
City of TonasketMarylou Kriner1115PO Box 487TonasketWA98855 Okanogan
City of ToppenishMark Oaks913021 W 1st AveToppenishWA98948-1524 Yakima
City of TukwilaAllan Ekberg213606200 Southcenter BlvdTukwilaWA98188-2544 King
City of TumwaterPete Kmet24600555 Israel Rd SWTumwaterWA98501-6515 Thurston
Town of TwispSoo Ing-Moody985PO Box 278TwispWA98856 Okanogan
City of Union GapJohn Hodkinson6355PO Box 3008Union GapWA98903-0008 Yakima
Town of UniontownDavid Jacobs355PO Box 87UniontownWA99179 Whitman
City of University PlaceCaroline Belleci333103609 Market Pl W Ste 200University PlaceWA98466-4488 Pierce
City of VaderJoseph Schey630PO Box 189VaderWA98593 Lewis
City of VancouverAnne McEnerny-Ogle189700PO Box 1995VancouverWA98668 Clark
City of WaitsburgMartin Dunn1240PO Box 35WaitsburgWA99361 Walla Walla
City of Walla WallaTom Scribner3440015 N 3rd AveWalla WallaWA99362-1859 Walla Walla
City of WapatoKeith Workman5055205 E 3rd StWapatoWA98951-1326 Yakima
City of WardenTony Massa2800121 S Main StWardenWA98857-9651 Grant
City of WashougalMolly Coston166801701 C StWashougalWA98671-2333 Clark
Town of WashtucnaBrian Hille210165 S Main StreetWashtucnaWA99371 Adams
Town of WatervilleJill Daling Thompson1195PO Box 580WatervilleWA98858 Douglas
Town of WaverlyPaul Curtis135PO Box 37WaverlyWA99039 Spokane
City of WenatcheeFrank Kuntz35140PO Box 519WenatcheeWA98807 Chelan
City of West RichlandBrent Gerry157103100 Belmont BlvdWest RichlandWA99353-7865 Benton
City of WestportRob Bearden2135PO Box 505WestportWA98595 Grays Harbor
City of White SalmonMarla Keethler2710PO Box 2139White SalmonWA98672 Klickitat
Town of WilburErica Hearrean890PO Box 214WilburWA99185 Lincoln
Town of WilkesonJeff Sellers495PO Box 89WilkesonWA98396 Pierce
Town of Wilson CreekKevin Newland215PO Box 162Wilson CreekWA98860 Grant
City of WinlockBrandon Svenson1400PO Box 777WinlockWA98596 Lewis
Town of WinthropSally Ranzau500PO Box 459WinthropWA98862 Okanogan
City of WoodinvilleElaine Cook1279017301 133rd Ave NEWoodinvilleWA98072-8563 King
City of WoodlandWill Finn6480PO Box 9WoodlandWA98674 Cowlitz, Clark
Town of WoodwayCarla Nichols136023920 113th Pl WWoodwayWA98020-5205 Snohomish
Town of YacoltKatie Listek1825PO Box 160YacoltWA98675 Clark
City of YakimaPatricia Byers95490129 N 2nd StYakimaWA98901-2613 Yakima
Town of Yarrow PointDicker Cahill10304030 95th Ave NEYarrow PointWA98004-1358 King
City of YelmJW Foster9400106 Second St SEYelmWA98597 Thurston
City of ZillahScott Carmack3200PO Box 475ZillahWA98953 Yakima
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