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Published on Nov 20, 2019

Workers’ Comp Retro now accepting Retro Advisory Committee applications

Contact: Brian Bishop

The Retro Advisory Committee (RAC) is looking for one staff employee of a city or town in the AWC Retro Pool to fill a vacant position.

What is the Retro Advisory Committee?

The Retro Advisory Committee (RAC) is the first line of governance for the Retro Program, making decisions on a number of issues and forwarding recommendations to the AWC Retro Board, the legal governing authority of the program. The RAC reviews everything from the types of training offered, claims analysis, membership issues, member standards, and recommendations on refund distributions.

Who can serve on RAC?

Any employee from a city or town that is a member of the AWC Retro Pool can serve on the open Retro Advisory Committee position. Refer to the Program Policies for the structure and regulations of the committee.

Time commitment

The Committee generally meets three times per year in the SeaTac area, and travel expenses are reimbursable.

Application process and deadline

If you or someone in your organization would like to be on the Retro Advisory Committee, submit your application by January 31, 2020.

Applicants will be reviewed by the AWC Retro Board for approval, and the first RAC meeting will occur in April 2020.

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