Drug & Alcohol Consortium

We provide U.S. DOT audit assistance

If your jurisdiction has been notified of an audit in the near future or if you would like assistance with an internal U.S. DOT audit to review your files, we can help.

Audits can be overwhelming for some members, particularly those that have a larger employee base. Therefore, we offer our services to ensure that you have all the necessary documents available when they are requested by the state or federal DOT, or if you have an in-house audit.

The purpose of an audit is to ensure:

  • Compliance with the appropriate U.S. DOT testing regulations;
  • Your U.S. DOT company policies are followed;
  • Employees and supervisors receive appropriate education and training;
  • Whether employees were removed from performance of duty following violations; and
  • Adequate documentation is maintained.

Contact your AWC staff for more information.

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